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My Player Co-op Games

My Player co-op games

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    It could be done like this:

    Say I'm on the Magic and I'm going to play the Thunder in my next game. I can have the option to just play regularly, or I can select to "play this game online."

    When I go to play this online, I'm paired with 1 to 4 other players also on the Magic in my player, and maybe even 5 on the Thunder based on if NBA 2K13 can handle that load.

    I'm a PG, and I'm paired with say a SG and a C. We all 3 play this specific game against the Thunder online, but as if it were any other game in the season.

    Default rosters should be used, though this might cause problems with players deep in my player with different rosters. (Your player's individual stats could be added to a sim of your legitimate my player's team against the Magic?)

    You could have the ability to play your entire my player career with a friend if you both get drafted to the same team. Or you could find when your teams play each other and set up a PG on PG matchup.

    Once the game is over transfer the stats and skill points back into the single-player my player and move on to the next game.

    You could play 3 or 4 games in a row with the same other guy, helping you to learn how to play with them and win.

    This would make My Player twice as fun, as I get tired of always having to be the lead scorer, and it would be fun to play with a couple other guys looking to improve their my player.

    This wouldn't carry much of a load on 2k servers, as all that would be necessary is the matchmaking, then the players can connect to each other and carry it on from there, much like pickup games in 2k11 went.

    If default rosters are used, this would make all My Players compatible, as a player in their 5th season could play with someone in their 2nd, making these games a lot easier to get into.

    When you go back to view the game in single player on the home screen, stats are transferred to your own roster.

    If they can make this happen, My Player will become the premier game mode in any sports game on the market. This is possible because..

    -1) Players usually select only to play key games

    -2) Players usually end up on the best teams, meaning there will be plenty of people on teams to supply as teammates.

    -3) Rivalry games = Usually between the best teams.

    -4) Therefore, the Lakers will have a lot of players. So will the Celtics. Making a game between the Lakers and Celtics easy to find.

    Teams could even get labeled for players that want to play a certain way. A player that wants to play with other players that shoot 3's could be drawn to the Celtics, while a player that wants to throw oops and get oops all day would go to the Heat. Something like that.

    The players could go undrafted and pick a team to try out for together (something of this nature to allow same-team play).

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