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Chemistry Rating Between Players

A chemistry rating for every player on your my players team that would measure the chemistry between you and individual players.

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    Gain chemistry with players by passing them the ball more

    Gain chemistry with players if 2K made a way to compliment your teammates after a good dunk or play.

    Relationships / friendships and respect level could come into play

    Different reasons for chemistry for individual players (i.e. Lebron wants to win and D Wade wants the ball - chemistry dependent on those things happening).

    Every player is different and it'll take time to figure your teammates out and how to get along.

    If players chemistry is extremely low, then it gives us a good guess he'll demand a trade soon. But if the chemistry is pretty high, then that player doesn't plan on leaving the team ever.


    -If there's a 100% chemistry rating between my player and Lebron James, even if he's cold he'll still be able to hit a lot of the shots my player gives him and catch my ally-oops, and it could go both ways.

    -Or if I'm not passing to Chris Bosh enough and he's upset, the chemistry between my player and him would decrease.

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