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Ankle Breakers and Crowd Reaction

Crowd reactions to ankle breakers, slow motion during ankle breaking moves, etc.

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    When we do ankle breakers or make them hop the wrong way in the defensive stance (Iverson and Michael Jordan), make the crowd say "ooooohhhhh" or scream.

    Make it go into a slow motion during the ankle breaking moves so we can do more moves and make the opponent look stupid.

    Using the step back as an ankle breaking move too

    When they stumble from a move, make them stumble and turn around like they tripped over their shoe or stumble backwards trying to stay balanced, and when they fall make them flail their arms trying to stay balanced.

    Make the reaction time of the defense quicker in an ankle breaker or not, because in NBA 2K12 we could break their ankles and be at the hoop and they still would be falling or stumbling.

    When we are on a fast break and someone is a half court let us be able to throw it through their legs.

    Make the crossover like in the video link posted, when we do fast ball handle moves make the opponent hop side to side like the guy in the video link.

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