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Create Your Own Head Coach

Be able to create your own head coach with many customizable features

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    First you can play the games

    As coach, you can:

    -Sign a contract with a team and lead your team to the championship

    -Make trades, hire your assistants and GM

    -Coach national teams at the summer tournaments such as Olympic games

    -Control the morale of your players

    -Create your own plays

    -Select if you prefer the offense or the defense

    -Choose your rookies from the draft

    -Choose the role of each player and you can make the rotation

    -Be selected in an All star as a coach of the East or the West

    -Earn the coach of the year award

    -Be able to make the Hall of Fame

    -Be able to go to another team when your contract expires

    -Speak at press conferences and interviews

    -Speak with the players

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