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Create Your Own Association

Create your own Association with significant customizable options

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    Ability to create up to 30 teams

    Unlimited number of players

    Set the amount of teams your league would have - any where between 14 - 30 teams

    Set the number of games

    Set the min and max player ratings allowed in your league (ex. If you wanted to make a D league that only had players rated 73 and below)

    Set your min and max age allowed in your league

    Set your salary cap and free agent rules

    Set if you allow trades between teams

    Option for FIBA rules, 3pt line

    Shot clock time

    Number of fouls per game

    Choice of pace of game

    A system that allows you to upload your own team logos online (similar to EA Sports)

    A mapping system for locating your teams that you create - like 75 American cities and 7 continents for you to place each team.

    Expand the vocabulary of the commentators so they can say more team names

    They should also talk about teams based on there ratings in certain areas compared to the rest of the league rather than just assuming a created team is an all star team.

    Have announcers acknowledge dynasties

    The rest should be set up same as the regular association

    Once the league reaches a milestone (75, 100 years) have the game produce an all-time list.

    2K should also create a web site that tracks all of your associations news, standings, stats, descriptions, screen shots and videos. This way we can see what kind of leagues others are making.

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