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Aging Players

Players should age as though in real life

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    -How fast a rating declines is dependent on stamina, strength, hustle (motor), and durability.

    -For every player the first things to go are athletic attributes such as speed, hustle, jumping, and strength. Skill attributes decline at a much slower rate.

    -Strength used in aging formula should be relative to the players size and weight. Meaning if a player is a 6'1 160 lb PG with strength of 60 he is pretty strong if he is a 6'11 280 PF with strength of 60 he is pretty weak.

    Experience Point System:

    -Add an experience point system to give teams a reason to go after veteran players.

    -Experience points should be used when you put that player into a mentoring role so that he can develop prospects in what the vet is good at.

    -Exp. points are earned by finishing close games (win or lose), making the playoffs or finals, winning awards, playing overseas, completing NBA seasons, winning championships, and playing in Olympics.


    -If a player has low durability he can turn from a Tracy McGrady to a current Tracy McGrady

    -Injuries should degrade your durability every time you get one

    -If you choose to play through an injury, you are more likely to reinjure yourself and deal even more damage to your durability, but you get triple exp. points or skill points and fan support.


    -Your player should look older as he ages

    -Change hairstyles once in a while

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